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On the evening of the 31st March, they hosted an event at the South of Perth Yacht Club for over 60 interested and committed people who want to share this vision. They listened to three experts talk about simple and affordable ways to make their life at Mauravillo more sustainable and rewarding.


We are planning a seminar at the estate to go over these principals more thoroughly so please register your interest in this event at the bottom of this page if you would like to be there on the day.  We are also in dialogue with gardening expert, Sabrina Hahn, who has expressed interest to join us at Mauravillo for a similar event in the next few months.


Thank you for your interest and support in creating a green and sustainable Mauravillo Estate.


Architect, Consultant & Educator



Sustainable Property Developer

& Educator


(Special Guest)

TV/Radio Personality

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Questionnaire Results from seminar attendees

90% Enjoyed the presentation content

80% Would like to attend a ½ day seminar at Mauravillo Estate

99% Would like Mauravillo to be a sustainable Estate

14% Were Interested in car sharing

94% Interested in energy sharing

89% Interested in recycling

36% Interested in sharing produce

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