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Sustainability Package Offer





  1. The Seller agrees to provide a Rainwater Tank and Solar Power system (PV system) to the buyer's residence at the Property subject to the building being completed within 24 months after settlement of this contract.

  2. Supply and installation of the Tank and PV system will be by the supplier nominated by The Seller.

  3. This agreement is not transferable to any third party or to an owner of The Property other than The Buyer.

  4. A supplier has been appointed by the Seller to supply and install a water tank of approximately 50,000 litres capacity to the Buyer and the Buyer is to inform the Seller's Agent of their readiness to accept delivery of the tank approximately four weeks prior to handover.

  5. A supplier has been appointed by the Seller to supply and install a solar power system of approximately 5Kw capacity to a building on the Property.

  6. The Buyer may have the tank and PV System installed onto a house or a shed which has been completed within 24 months of settlement of this contract.

  7. The Buyer will prepare the site for the tank and the solar Power system in accordance with the requirements of the supplier.

  8. The Buyer may change the size of the tank and the Power system and will contribute any difference in cost at their own expense.

  9. This Package cannot be redeemed for cash.

  10. Offer valid on blocks sold by Rapid Crushing and Screening Contractors PTY LTD. 

  11. The details of this offer may change from time to time and the offer may be discontinued at the owner’s discretion.







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